The Isles of Uther

Strangers in a Strange Land
Session 1

The party awoke on a beach after the storm. A dead guard was found and looted. A druid came out of the tree line and informed the party where they were and decided to join them to at least the nearest village of [[Ship's Haven]]. They searched the remains of their ship and found some weapons and useful items. The party headed out on a nearby road to Ship's Haven. On the way Tatsuma (Isaac) fell from a tree nearly breaking his leg. Nearby they found a shrine. From this shrine an imp named Widdershins emerged and attacked the party when they refused to give him copper. The party killed him and moved on to the village.

The Tempest Strikes
Our Adventure Begins

You have been making your way across the great ocean to the Isles of Uther. On your way to the harbour city of Spero a large tempest was chasing the same wind as your ship. As you entered the Strait of Nibbon the storm had caught up. As waves crashed against the helpless ship the guards released the prisoners from their chains to save them from drowning. Finally the ship capsized and all were thrown into the water. You awake on a beach, salt stinging your cuts and scrapes and the sun hot on your skin exposed under the tattered rags you are wearing. You are a free man on a new land with nothing. It is a world of possibilities… what will you do first?


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