Kingdom of Uther


An ancient kingdom located on the entirety of the Isles of Uther. The empire existed for an unknown amount of years leading up to its sudden demise known as the Cataclysm of Greed. The northern island of the kingdom was inhabited by a race of dwarves while all other islands were home to men. After many years of disputes, peace was made by a benevolent half-dwarf named Uther.


Uther knew that both of his people could live better lives if they united. Trade between the two peoples allowed the dwarves to spend more time underground as men farmed for them. In return men received tools crafted to a much better quality. With the peace established, Uther turned to exploration and conquest. The men of Uther were natural seamen and so formed a fleet. The army aboard these vessels comprised of men and dwarves alike. Through strength and industry the Kingdom of Uther spread to all over the world.


The kings that followed Uther varied in accomplishments but eventually King Mordred came to power. Mordred fought several wars at once in his lust for power and wealth. His greed drove him to worship Lucrum. In an attempt to raise a larger army, Mordred (under Lucrum's guidance) opened the well to an evil realm. All manner of evil beasts and beings began to wander the isles. They attacked settlements, towns, and cities. Most of the countryside became unsafe to live in or travel through. Farming and trade stopped, cutting off the life lines to larger populations. Only coastal cities were able to survive. As reports of the disintegrating homeland reached the troops they returned home. Soon after their arrival the countries they had attacked came to raid the weakened kingdom. After only a few years of turmoil the isles came to be mostly abandoned. Only a few cities remained populated, most notably Bhoruhm, the great dwarven city. The few settlements that remain are now known as the Utheri.

Kingdom of Uther

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